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XFur Studio - Core allows you to add realistic, fully customizable and efficient GPU accelerated fur compatible with all platforms, Built-in and Universal RP to your game within seconds and in just a few clicks.

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Remember you can tag us on Twitter or use the hashtags #madewithxfur or #xfur3 for your works, as we would love to see & share them!

Notices :

This tool is not designed for human hair but rather for animal / creature fur

Please read the Technical details section below for a full breakdown of all the features of this asset !

*This tool is not targeted at low end mobile devices. For lower end devices using reduced DPIs may be helpful. Support for OpenGL ES 3.1+ or equivalent is heavily recommended.

If you need extra features, such as physics simulations, weather FX and HDRP support please check XFur Studio 3 - Personal Edition.

This tool requires one license for each developer with access to the tool, its outputs or resources. For larger teams please check the Team Edition of XFur Studio 3.

If you have questions or need further information before purchasing this asset, please contact us here

Documentation and support are available in English only

The German Shepherd, Bear, Sheep and other animal models are not included with XFur Studio 3. They are displayed in the screenshots for demonstration purposes only.