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Work faster than ever with this collection of our most popular editor tool and utilities, while saving more than 50% compared to buying single. Once you purchase this bundle, all assets in this bundle will be free of charge and you can download them as you need.

⭐️ Included Tools

With Visual State Machine you can create State Machines for every Game Object you want, directly in the Editor! Do you want to control the flow of your UI or need to implement different state conditions for your player or the enemies? Visual State Machine helps you out! Boost your progress and accelerate your workflow!

Are you tired of rewriting all that MonoBehaviour script stuff right away after creating a new script? Create your scripts faster than ever and define your own custom templates instead! Need a Scriptable Object? Create it right away! Want to write a normal C# class? Do it without the boilerplate included!

Adding music and soundeffects to your game always requires some coding to set up a system to control, expose and save the volume settings of your application. Volume Control has been designed to set up these things for you right away, giving you more time to focus on the most important - making great games!

Designing a great user interface can be a demanding task. Especially if you want to change the color of your UI, it can take a lot of time to adjust all elements. Color Control helps you out! Define your project colors as assets visually in the inspector. Color Control provides components to you, which automatically update your UI elements when you edit them.

Startup Manager provides to you an easy way to setup and initialize your persistent game systems at application startup - no init scene required and working from any scene even in the editor, helping you to playtest faster than ever!

Create new scenes faster than ever with shortcuts and advanced options, like using template scenes, default directories and auto add to build ability.