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NoOp Army

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This entry is from Friday June 7, 2024. The price of the asset may have changed since then.
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You can always upgrade to the Ultimate version of the package which contains the extra modules including smart objects and an influence maps module. You can read more about the modules in the technical details section.

Discord | Documentation | Forum thread | Video Tutorials playlist | Ultimate version's Immersive world demo executable download

New Built-in action and considerations with animation integrations and a Life Simulation demo are released.

  • Do you want to make AI which acts more naturally and more believable than AIs of most games?
  • Do you want your AI to react to everything in the environment and don't have a rigid structure?
  • Do you want AI which can be easily procedurally modified at runtime by you or by your players as user generated content?
  • Do you want your AI to react cleverly to unexpected behavior and in general does things which surprises and delightes your users?
  • Do you want to easily change the design of your AI during production and add and remove actions without getting worried on how to understand complex trees or state machines?

If the answer to some of these questions is yes for you, Wise Feline is made for your project.

Do you want to know what Wise Feline can do for your game genre or what it adds to games in general? Click here!

Wise Feline allows you to create complex immersive agents which can act correctly in complex situations which even the designers did not think of. Big games including the sims, guild wars 2 and many others use a form of utility AI.

With Wise Feline you don't need to create huge and hard to follow state machines and behavior trees and instead you can give all of your actions a scoring mechanism which tells the system how important each action is at a moment in time. Because all actions are considered all the time, your AI will never be out of good options and it chooses the best action for the situation in a pretty intuitive way. You can group your actions based on priorities and use different selection algorithms for finding the best action. More details can be found in the technical details below.

Your designers no longer have to add specific transitions in state machines or conditions and nodes in behavior trees. By tweaking importance and utility of actions relative to each other in a utility AI system, they can easily change the behavior of the agents in an intuitive way and check why something behaves the way it does in the visual debugger.

Because all actions are considered all the time and you can add as many actions as you want with as many scoring conditions as you want, Wise Feline is perfect for games with emergent gameplay, open world games, virtual worlds, metaverses and MMOs but it can be used not only for agents in almost all genres but you can even use it to drive things like lighting, cameras, VFX and ...

State Machines and behavior trees still can be the tool of choice if you want very specific strict behavior which should be scripted exactly but if you want your agents to behave and think like humans or always choose something from their entire set of actions instead of only being able to go to specific states from a single state, Utility AI is your best bet.

Utility AI works based on actions and their importance score at each tick and this means you can change your agent's behavior based on the environment very easily. you can make your character more brave by having score considerations which give a higher score if friendly forces are around and ... Not that it is impossible to achieve the same thing with other approaches but it is very hard. With utility AI agents can have awesome environmental awareness and go persoanl and team transformations which feel very realistic from the player's viewpoint.

Since actions and utilities is the way that us human think and evaluate situations with, designers can map human experiences much easier to the game agents. Why think of selector nodes and decorator nodes and state transitions, if you can think about in what situations is this action important and how much?