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Crazy Giraffe Studio

Please Note

This entry is from Friday May 26, 2023. The price of the asset may have changed since then.
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Wheel of Fortune will make your game more interesting! Save your time and money using this powerful tool for the best retention!
Players can turn the wheel and get a reward!

*** Don't need the programming skills! ***

Please see a DEMO

✔ Easy reskin - just change the images by your own
✔ Mobile ready
✔ Easy setup of the cost, reward and probability for each sector from editor!
✔ No coding required!
✔ Very easy to use in 2 steps: drag'n'drop prefab to your scene and setup params from editor
✔ If you want to edit code you can do it easily! Full well commented source code is included!

✔ Three useful modes:
- only FREE turns (for daily bonus)
- only PAID turns
- FREE turns and PAID turns if free turn is not available right now

Please feel free to contact us about this asset (

Version history:

Fixed compatibility between different version of Unity

Move all settings from code to editor. Now no coding skills required. Now can set probability to each sector

Save last free turn time in PlayerPrefs and fix bugs

Add timer for free turns

First stable release