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"VOLUMYST - Audio Interference Effects System" (BETA) is a tool designed to create dynamic audio alterations, perfect for horror games, labs, or mysterious settings. It provides customizable sound distortions like underwater muffling, bad connections, echoes, and FFT effects. Games like "Phasmophobia", "Inscryption", "Lethal Company", "Escape the backrooms" showcase similar effects to intensify suspense and immersion.

One demo scene with customised VOLUMYST component (enabled).

◼️ List of Effects ◼️

  • Volume adjustment 🔊
  • Pitch alteration 🎛
  • Freeze effect with customizable capture lengths ❄
  • Echo effect control for delay and feedback 📡
  • Compression settings for thresholds and ratios 📻
  • Phaser effect adjustments for frequency and depth 🎶
  • Tremolo effect modulation based on frequency and depth 🎙
  • Robotization effect with cutoff frequency manipulation 🤖
  • Gain factor control for sound intensity 📣
  • FFT settings activation, clipping handling, and window type selection (Rectangular, Hanging, Hamming, Blackman) 📺
  • LerpVal for transitional value adjustment ✨
  • Precision value for detailed audio control 🛠

◼️ Future updates ◼️

  • Adding demo scenes with real-time usage example.
  • Adding effects such as muffled sound, bass adjustment, etc.
  • Writing full documentation.
  • And more...

⚠️ Before You Buy: "VOLUMYST - Audio Interference Effects System" is currently in the beta stage, prioritizing customization options. The current version does not feature demo scenes showcasing dynamic usage examples extensively. Please note this limited demonstration while considering your purchase. Image distortion, not included in the asset (images from the demonstration video).

If you have any suggestions or ideas for updates or future releases, share your thoughts via email: wiskered@gmail.com

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