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With Visual State Machine you can create State Machines for every Game Object you want, directly in the Editor! Do you want to control the flow of your UI or need to implement different state conditions for your player or the enemies? Visual State Machine helps you out! Boost your progress and accelerate your workflow!

⭐️ Features

  • Create state machines visually in the editor

Visual State Machine allows you to create a StateMachine for every Game Object you want by providing to you an easy and intuitive GUI

  • Define callbacks directly in the inspector

Set up callback methods when a state or transition has been entered or exited directly in the inspector to setup your game logic faster than ever

  • Native design

With its easy to use and intuitive design, Visual State Machine looks and feels like being an integrated part of Unity, making you feel directly home

  • Speedup your development

With Visual State Machine you will need less time developing games and improve your workflow immediately

  • Easy to use

Visual State Machine comes with a handy documentation and several example scenes to get you started right away

  • Powerful scripting options

You can easily listen to state and transition events from script and write custom State Behaviours to unleash Visual State Machines full potential

  • Full source code access

The complete source code of the package is included

  • Online Documentation and support

Our Online Documentation covers all you need to get started, from a basic introduction to all features to advanced topics and scripting examples.

⚡️ Upgrade Option

Visual State Machine is part of our Ultimate Asset Bundle, which includes all of our currently available and upcoming assets. If you own Visual State Machine, you can upgrade with a discount.