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Ultimate LOD System provide an alternative LOD mechanism more customizable, optimized, automatic and easier compared to the Unity "LOD Group".

Furthermore, this tool allows you to automatically generate LODs or Simplified versions from your original meshes, and save it. This tool was designed to work In-Game, Runtime or In-Editor.

With this tool, you just need to scan the meshes you want to generate the LODs in your scene and then the tool will render the LODs according to the distance between the meshes and the camera that renders them.

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Mesh Merger and LOD MT Bundle

Some Features of This Tool

● Can generate LODs from Normal Meshes (Mesh Renderer) or Skinned Meshes

● Generates LODs quickly, even in meshes with thousands vertices.

● Completely non-destructive workflow.

● There is no need to create a new GameObject for each LOD in your scene.

● This tool will not create any additional GameObject in your scene.

● There is no need to modify your scene, or GameObjects structure.

● Fully compatible with HDRP, URP and the Built-in RP.

● After generating LODs, animations remain intact in Skinned Mesh Renderers.

● Supports all Materials, Shaders (all kinds), UVs or Meshes.

● Supports multi-material meshes (meshes that use more than 1 material).

● Supports Blendshapes. Will continue working after generate LODs.

● It can generate LODs and Simplify meshes in Runtime through the C# API.

● You can save generated LODs or Simplified meshes in your project.

● You can set parameters for generating LODs or Simplifying meshes.

● If you already have LODs from your meshes, you can use them in the Ultimate LOD System LOD mechanism, instead of generating new LODs.

● You can turn Culling on or off from far away meshes.

● Culling from far away meshes helps reduce Batches.

● You can convert to Unity LODs ("LOD Group") at any time and easily.

● Great documentation.

● It has a complete C# API for debugging and controlling your LODs.

● The Ultimate LOD System has a C# API so you can choose when or not the system can work. For example, when a player looks at the horizon, through a zoomed aim, you can disable the LOD system so that only the original meshes are displayed, and when the player stops looking at the aim, you can use the API C# to turn the system back on, and display the LODs again. Of course, the LOD system is always on by default!

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