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Amazing Аssets

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This entry is from Friday March 17, 2023. The price of the asset may have changed since then.
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Tool for converting Unity terrain into a mesh.


• Ultra fast converter.

• Full vertex count control for generated mesh.

• Mesh split system.

• 16 and 32 bits mesh support.

• Splatmap shader - imitating Unity's built-in terrain shader with 16 layers support*.

• Basemap exporter - bakes all terrain paint textures into one texture file.

• Tree, grass and detail mesh exporter.

• Holesmap exporter*.

• Terrain to OBJ exporter.

• Editor and run-time API.

• Supports all render pipelines.

Before purchasing check documentation for better understanding how tool works and what limitations it has.

Asset is already included in the Amazing Tools Bundle.

Check additional terrain tools: Terrain To OBJ and All Terrain Textures.


• Scripts are packed in dll.

• Tool works only with Unity TerrainData object and exports mesh, textures and materials only from it. Custom terrain shaders and tree/grass placement assets may not be fully supported.

• Holes in the generated mesh are not cut, instead they are rendered using Alpha Cutout shader.

• Splatmap shader supports 16 layers (with 3 painted textures in each one), but their rendered count depends on the used device.

• After importing package, included shaders are required to be recompiled using installed SRP. Full information inside Manual file.

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Support and bug report:


Supported Unity versions:

• Only the latest LTS versions of Unity 2019.4, 2020.3, 2021.3 and 2022.3 are supported.

• Unity alpha and beta versions are never supported.

• Unity 'tech release' versions are not officially supported.