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◼ Compatibility ◼

- Works in Unity 2021 and above.

- Support Built-in Render Pipeline, URP and HDRP.

◼️ Description ◼️

TerraForge is a versatile and easy-to-use terrain generator tool designed for Unity, empowering developers to effortlessly create stunning and realistic landscapes for their games, simulations, or virtual experiences. With its focus on simplicity and efficiency, TerraForge offers a seamless workflow, allowing users to customize terrains, experiment with various noise algorithms, and produce captivating outdoor environments with ease.

◼️ Features ◼️

⚡ Fast & Intuitive Terrain Generation: Create vast and diverse terrains with just a few clicks. TerraForge's user-friendly interface and straightforward controls enable quick terrain generation, suitable for both beginners and seasoned developers.

⚙️ Customizable Noise Algorithms: Experiment with various noise algorithms, including Perlin, OpenSimplex, and more, to generate realistic and organic terrain features such as mountains, valleys, and plateaus.

🏔 Dynamic Height Mapping: Utilize an animation curve to customize height distributions, giving users full control over the elevation and shaping of the terrain.

🗻 Falloff Map Support: Soften terrain edges with falloff maps, enhancing the natural blend between terrain and surrounding environment.

⭐ Quality and Efficiency: Generate terrains efficiently by adjusting noise settings, resolutions, and other parameters according to your project's needs.

Terrain Shader (All Rendering Pipelines): dynamic colorization of terrain surfaces in real time

◼️ Future Updates ◼️

Additional Noise Algorithms: Introducing more noise algorithms to expand the range of terrain generation possibilities.

Advanced Material Blending: Introducing enhanced material blending capabilities for even more realistic and visually appealing terrain.

Mask support.

◼️ Join Our Community ◼️

We value our users' feedback and ideas. Join our vibrant community to share your experiences, showcase your creations, and collaborate with other developers using TerraForge 💪.

Take Your Terrain to the Next Level with TerraForge!

Before Buy: Beta stage is focusing on customization possibilities. Also the package is not dedicated for generating infinitely expanding world, like minecraft. All the screenshots are captured in Unity 2021 Built-in using post-processing. So it may look slightly different in other Unity versions and without post-processing in terms of lighting. The generation speed may vary depending on what resolution of the terrain you have set (video fragments where terrains change quickly are set to 512x512 resolution). If you have any problems with URP, use version 2023.1.10f1. The asset does not include the demo scenes shown in the screenshots (FX, sky, post-processing, water, objects).

If you have any suggestions or ideas for updates or future releases, share your thoughts via email:


Asset uses FastNoiseLite under MIT License; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.