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When creating persistent systems, which need to be available through the complete application lifecycle, a common approach is to create an init scene containing them. This perfectly works on builds but has a big downside in the editor during development - everytime you want to playtest a scene, you need to open the init scene first, which can become pretty time consuming in the long run. That's why we created Startup Manager!

Startup Manager provides to you an easy way to setup and initialize your persistent game systems at application startup - no init scene required and working from any scene even in the editor. Say goodbye to your init scene and work faster than ever!

For version 2 we reworked the system to be more modular and extendable and introduced a new powerful feature called Startup Profiles. They contain your startup object definitions and can easily be switched out in the editor. This allows you to create different profiles during development for prototyping, debugging or release versions and easily change them as you need. Additionally you can extend the system by writing your own custom profiles, allowing you to configure the startup process of your game as you like!


  • Initialize persistent game objects at startup without an extra init scene
  • Use Startup Profiles to easily create cutom startup definitions
  • Easily switch between different profiles
  • Extend the system with your own custom startup profiles
  • Test your scenes faster
  • Clean and easy to use
  • Complete source code included
  • Get started in minutes with our quick start guide

How It Works

Startup Manager automatically instantiates the prefabs you define and marks them with DontDestroyOnLoad right before the first scene is loaded. So no matter from which scene you enter playmode, all your persistent systems will be ready.

⚡️ Bundle Options

Startup Manager is part of our Ultimate Asset Bundle, which contains all of our currently available and upcoming assets for a reduced price.