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Andrew Oleynik

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App description:

This app is designed as a small help for long-term and calm movement towards your goals or acquiring new habits.

  • You can create long-term goals or habits and track your progress each day. You can view statistics and a calculated finish date for each task.Tasks
  • Every day you can evaluate how high-quality it was. While using the calendar, you will be able to assess how calm and high-quality everything turns out.Sea Calendar

The features of the project are:

  1. Using the UI.
  2. Using vector graphics (images in SVG format).
  3. Writing classes with minimal use of Unity MonoBehaviour classes.
  4. Relatively small size of the application.
  5. Storage of all visual objects at the same time on one scene.
  6. The project can be packaged for various platforms such as iOS, Android, etc.

* Important note

To further develop or update the application, you need to have a good knowledge of the programming language and understand the architecture of the application.

The code has comments.



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