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This entry is from Friday February 9, 2024. The price of the asset may have changed since then.
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※Supported Unity versions

It does not support older versions of Unity because it includes a dependency on asset Packages (uGUI).

Since uGUI source code has been included in Packages since 2019.2, it should be supported if it is later than that, but it is recommended to use a version that has been tested, such as 2020.3.29f1.


・This tool is ideal for level design, test play, and debugging because it works not only in UnityEditor's play mode, but also when built for various types of actual devices, such as PCs and smartphones.

You can edit various parameters such as save data, player and enemy parameters, and UI position and size without creating a dedicated editor.

・The fact that it works on actual devices means that people who are not Unity engineers, such as designers and planners, can directly adjust values.

They can export the parameters they created as a text file and import them.

This eliminates the need to type while following their instructions or worry about them tampering with unnecessary parts.