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From NEON3D - Realistic Survival Forest House Pack

This pack was made to give game developers the freedom to create. As we are game developers ourselves we wanted to provide the best for others, it begins from the outdoors like the forest, to the survival house and its interiors.

The pack contains 148 natural and artificial models, shaders, and VFXs. Created considering polycount, mesh, textures, and UV, for good visuality and optimization conditions, while playing in the environment. 100% PBR texture sets, 4k resolution, smart LOD, and includes playable (functional) models for a survival game design type.

What You'll Get:

- 137 models > Polycount range (faces): 80 - 11K

- 147 prefabs

- Textures 4K-1K res. > 100% PBR sets PNG

- Smart LOD: 0-3 levels of distance

- Playable models > open/close drawers, closets, doors, etc.

- Models with non-sharp edges for good light ray reflection

- 6 VFXs > to add motion to the scene

- 5 shaders

- Design type: survival game environment

// House & Indoor Design [122]

- House (clean version)

- House (damaged version)

- Furniture

Tables, chairs, stools, stands, couches, library, cabinets, closets, drawers, cribs, etc.

- Walls & buildings: Walls, windows, stairs, ceiling, floor tiles, floor,

rails, karnizes, supporters, etc.

- Indoor:

Doors, lamps, bed, carpets, flowerpots, pictures, vases, pillows, curtains, boxes, sinks, fridge, oven, mirrors, toilet, bathtub, radiator, etc.

- Other:

Statues, barrels, decorations, books, glasses, plates, plate shards, bowls, bottle, etc.

// Nature & Outdoor Design [25]

- Trees, rocks, grass, roots, leaves

- Outdoor rocking chair, trashbag, table.

- Natural shaders

// VFX [6]

Dust, Falling leaves, Gas oven, Flame, Electric Sparks, Falling dust

// Shaders [5]

'Water' shader, 'Leaves' shader, 'Grass' shader, 'Raindrops' shader

(+) Blending option for PBR to spice up the design.


We are always available for support and to answer your questions, feel free to contact us anytime HERE!

Bonus Scene - Start Creating From a Ready Scene!

- Includes the assets to start up!

- Ready and easy to use


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