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NEON3D Introducing - Realistic Mansion Interior pack

The package contains 110+ interiors of a mansion, made wisely for a realistic look and yet optimal for a game design. Comes with 4K (PBR) textures that wrap the models as "one texture - one mesh" for good optimization conditions.

🌟High Quality - All the models were carefully made while we considered all technical details like polycount, mesh, textures, UV, and more.

🌟Realism - We understand realism and made sure to follow our rules for a high-graphic look, get real in your scenes with our interior models, and give your game the professional graphics it needs.

🌟Functionallity - Many models have the option to also be functional, drawers can be opened and doors can be moved/rotated, the same goes for many other furniture and interiors.

🌟Water Shaders -

Comes with 4 kinds of water shaders: Fountain, Rain drips on the window, water stream, and water pool.

🌟Easy to use - We understand that orientation is important, all models were organized for you for easy use!

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