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Phoenix3D Studio

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🎁 Phoenix3D Limited Time Discount🎁

Use over 1700 2D icons smartly designed to create game maps inside the Unity editor. We have also developed a smart framework that works in editor mode, adding dynamic shadows and handling sorting orders for icons., using Unity hierarchy to change the style and civilization of elements with one click, add pre-ready frames, and finally exporting the map in your desired format. With this package, you can create your game map as quickly as possible. Use it as fast map and level design for your game, showcase your ideas to your team, project it onto your terrain to create your 3D map, or even create your own 2D games with high quality 2D sprites.

Selected In TOP 10 NEW Systems and Tools May 2024 by Code Monkey!

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Key Features

  • 🎨 1000+ Icons (with plans to add 700+ more based on user requests)
  • 🌄 Dynamic Shadows: Utilizing our coding expertise and some clever tricks, we've implemented dynamic shadows for items. (Watch the video)
  • 🖼️ 7 Styles (Old map, Painting, Black & White, Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall)
  • 🛠️ Inside Unity Editor (Easy to use and familiar. No need to purchase or learn additional software like Photoshop for creating game maps)
  • 🌟 Add Post-Processing to Maps
  • 🖼️ 16 Pre-Ready Frames
  • 🖼️ Export maps up to 8K resolution
  • 🔄 5 Years update guarantee: We have an extensive roadmap for this package, with new features and icons continually added over time (Price of the pack may increase with the addition of new features)
  • 🔍 High-Quality Icons (suitable even for use in 2D games)
  • ➕ Add your own icons with one click (Sprite to Prefab Converter)
  • 🎬 6 Demo scenes included
  • 📚 Complete documentation and a quick start guide in under 30 seconds
  • 🔄 Compatible with Unity 5 and higher
  • 🔄 Compatible with HDRP, URP, and Built-In Render Pipeline

Road map

This is a long term support pack and new features and content will be added continusilyt

- ✅ (Done) Utilize multiple styles and civilizations in one map (supporting Unity hierarchy).

- ✅ (Done) Ability to add your own Icons (Sprite to Prefab Convertor)

- ✅ (Done) Pre-Ready Frames

- ✅ (Done) Curved Text

- ✅ (Done) Bulk sorting order of sprites and shadows alteration

- ✅(Apr 2024) Bulk scale modifier.

- ⏰(May 2024) Enhance export functionality for non-square maps.

- 🙋(Based On user requests) 700+ New Icons

- 📅(Planed) Spline roads and rivers

- 📅(Planed) Search by tags

This pack contains Medieval civilization icons, but we have plans to add other civilization icon packs over time as external packages that can be downloaded and integrated into the map creator, enabling you to change the civilization of your map with just one click.

- ⏰(Work in progress) Modern icon pack (Jul 2024)

- ⏰(Work in progress) Western icon pack (Sep 2024)

- ⏰(Work in progress) Evil icon pack (Dec 2024)

- ⏰(Work in progress) Apocalyptic icon pack (Jan 2025)

- 📅(Planed) Sci_Fi icon pack (Feb 2025)

- 📅(Planed) EastAsia icon pack (Mar 2025)

- 📅(Planed) Ork icon pack (May 2025)

- 📅(Planed) Elf icon pack (Jul 2025)

- 📅(Planed) MiddleEast icon pack (Oct 2025)

- 📅(Planed) Mage icon pack (Jan 2026)

- 📅(Planed) Eskimo icon pack (Apr 2026)

- 📅(Planed) Space icon pack (Jun 2026)

- 📅(Planed) UnderWater icon pack (Sep 2026)

- 📅(Planed) Hovering icon pack (Jan 2027)

- 📅(Planed) Eskimo icon pack (Apr 2027)

Contact Us

-If you require a custom texture map that is not included in our default pack, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to provide you with the necessary texture.

-If you need a particular texture or model for your games, we can offer it to you at the most competitive global price, or we can provide it as a package deal. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide game developers worldwide with high-quality assets at the most competitive prices possible, empowering them to focus on their passion for creating exceptional games.