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Offworld Mercenary Arsenal (OMA) is a varied collection of weapons, items, devices, grenades, ammo and tools. They're provided as 3D low-poly models, voxel models and 2D pixel-art sprites.

Use these assets in your commercial or personal projects - be it games, animations, illustrations, media or anything else.


Every weapon includes these files:

  • 2D .PNG pixel-art sprite image
  • 2D .PNG large upscaled image
  • 2D .SVG vector image
  • 3D .OBJ+.MTL model
  • 3D .FBX model
  • 3D .Kenshape source file (1)
  • 3D .VOX voxel model (EXPERIMENTAL) (2)
  • TXT Weapon specific description/lore
  • GIF Animated preview

(See technical details)

For Unity projects, use FBX models for any 3D projects, while PNG sprites can be used in pixel-art 2D side-view projects.

The other files provide additional artistic options, source files and supporting materials.

The included lore description files can give game mechanic ideas or weapon balancing advice.


As a bonus, theres also a 3D Mercenary character - fully rigged avatar with their own materials and are ready for mecanim animations!

Everything can be viewed all at once in the included Demo scene too!