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Nova UI

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This entry is from Sunday March 19, 2023. The price of the asset may have changed since then.
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Try all Nova features for FREE with the Nova Free Trial!

Nova is a new kind of UI framework made for Unity developers, designers, and creators. It combines professional-caliber design tools, a comprehensive runtime API, and modern UI features such as rounded corners, borders, drop shadows, auto sizing, padding, margins, and more, into a familiar transform and prefab workflow.

Written from the ground up using Unity’s Burst compiler and Jobs System to provide performance out of the box along with zero per-frame GC allocations across all features!

See to learn more.


Several complete and thoroughly commented sample projects made with Nova are available on GitHub (for free), along with tutorial videos on YouTube to help you get started!


🚀 Dynamic Styles 🚀

Take your visual quality to the next level without writing custom shaders or baking visual effects into textures. Add and adjust corner radius, gradients, drop shadows, and more on the fly!

Works with TextMeshPro!

🚀 Adaptive Layout System 🚀

Nova brings modern UI system functionality, such as auto sizing, padding, margins, and more, into the third dimension.

- Value and percent based!

- Value and percent based!

🚀 Data Binding 🚀

With a simple databinding API, flexible type-matching, and virtualized lists and grids, create a rich, dynamic, and performant UI with just a few lines of code.

🚀 Gesture recognition across all supported platforms, including XR! 🚀

  • Hover/Unhover events
  • Press/Release events
  • Click events
  • Drag events
  • Scroll events - complete with refined scrolling animations


🚧 Limitations 🚧

  • Lighting not supported in SRPs
  • Asset uses Scroller under BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.