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Now supported on all 3 render pipelines

(Visual quality will vary between pipelines)

119 high-quality prefabs + 7 Decals.

NewGen: Sci-Fi Slums is a high-quality asset pack designed for quick sci-fi style city building, compatible with all 3 render pipelines


91 Street and building props

2 Drones

6 Path segments

8 Modular building segments

8 Building trims/ separators

4 Rooftop segments

1 Si-Fi screen sign shader (HDRP and URP only)

1 Rain adjustable surface shader (HDRP and URP only)

1 Road shader with adjustable rain surface (HDRP and URP only)

New and improved Interior mapping shader (Beta)

1 Puddle decal shader (HDRP only)

1 Oil decal shader (HDRP only)

Procedural Worlds GeNa Pro addon is now available here

See technical details for the fall list