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Do not use the plugin review submission form as a bug report submission form. Instead, use any of the specified communication channels. In most cases, the developer responds within a few minutes.

Magic Lightmap Switcher allows you to easily and quickly control lightmap for your scenes. This will allow you to store different lightmaps (night, day, evening, etc.) and then switch between its or perform smooth interpolation.

Plugin stores baked light data such as:

  • Lightmaps
  • Lightprobes
  • Reflection probes
  • Skybox texture
  • Scene fog settings
  • Any custom data such as post-processing settings, Volume component settings in SRP, or variable values ​​of any of your script

‌You do not need to create separate scenes to store and manage data. Lightmap sets are stored separately from the scene object.


Tested with assets:

Tested On Platforms:

  • Windows
  • iOS (When working with Built-In RP, you will need to manually replace the CGIncludes files)
  • Android
  • Swich
  • Web GL
  • VR

Custom Shader Compatibility:

The asset will work with any custom shader, unless that shader uses its own GI functionality. If your shader calls on Unity's built-in functions to render lightmaps, reflection probes, lighting from light probes, and more, then you don't need to worry. Everything will work by default.

For those using custom lighting features. Write to the developer on any support channel. It's pretty easy to add blending and switching support to your shaders.

Support the developer:

Anyone who can and wants to provide support to developer can do it here

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