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RG Poly

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Low Poly Island Pack

An Epic Low Poly asset pack of Trees, Rock, Props, and others Environment assets to create a Island themed polygonal style game. You no longer need to browse the store for individual 3d models, only with this one pack alone you can build an amazing levels

- the groups of materials have been added so that it is easy to change the color of individual parts of the mesh and create more variation

You can now Upgrade Low Poly Island Pack to Low Poly Ultimate Megapack for 10$

To get the effect on the screenshots you need to use Post Processing Stack v2 in your project

Package includes:

- 2 scenes (Demo, Overview)

- 13 materials [ 1 main (with a 64x64 textures) The rest Standard materials to diversify the assset ]

- 2 textures with a resolution 64x64

- 118 unique meshes

- 145 Prefabs

Link to Ultimate Mega Pack


-Banana Trees


-Stone Blocks





-Canon Balls

-Cart Wooden




-Elephant Statue







-Rock and Rock Formation

-Ship Wreck


-Spice Stall





-Water Vase

-Wooden box

-Wooden Log

-Treasure chests