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Andrew Oleynik

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This package allows you to create the necessary objects for a 2D project or interface directly in Unity. For example, shapes created with this package can be used as interface elements in SVG format. In this case, you will need a vector graphics package "Vector Graphics", which you can download in the Package Manager.

You can convert the created shapes to the following available formats:

• .png

• .svg

• .mesh

• .ls ("Live Shapes" format)

When creating a shape, it is possible to edit UV coordinates and overlay the following on the shape:

• color

• texture

• texture + color

• gradient (linear, radial, angle, diamond)

• custom material

Coloring is done using optimized shaders, which are also included in the editor.

There are also additional settings for optimizing mesh generation, which allows you to flexibly adjust the mesh quality.

If the created form was saved in the .ls format, then it can be loaded into the editor and edited again.

* If the demo scene doesn't display prefabs when you install the package, reimport the Example folder.



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