Tom Poon

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This is a cute Horse/Unicorn character model that is fully IK-rigged and animated. Its eyes are rigged using Morph targets so they can be independently animated.

There are 5 skin variations included (brown, white, black. cream & grey) and all of them can come with gear/armor. In total, there are 16 Horse/Unicorn prefabs included.

Full list of looping anims (and their frame ranges within the FBX file):

Idle 5-65
Walk 75-107
Run 110-126
Jump 130-157
Fall start 158-174
Fall Start Pose 167-168
Falling 175-191
Fall end 192-204
Stand up (from fall) 205-228
Digging 233-260
Mining 273-296
CombatIdle 297-357
Attack1 358-382
Attack2 383-419
Hit 420-431
Die 432-452
Stand up (from death) 453-488