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Veridian Lightheart Music

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JRPG/Fantasy Orchestral Music Volume 2

Introducing my second set of beautiful orchestral music!

Using orchestral music can make your game stand out, giving it a polished, AAA vibe. This pack was inspired by the soundtracks of iconic JRPG titles, such as Final Fantasy, Genshin Impact, and Pokémon. This pack is a great match for RPG, JRPG, Fantasy, Adventure, and Open World games, but it can also be used for any other genre that can make good use of orchestral music! All of the tracks are YouTube-safe and fully mixed and mastered.

Moreover, this collection forms a cohesive soundtrack, ensuring your game world sounds cohesive. It seamlessly integrates with my other music packs, providing a consistent and natural soundtrack.

Includes a bonus track from RPG/Fantasy Orchestral Music Volume 1.

If you need any help, don't hesitate to email me at veridianlightheart@gmail.com

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Track List

Track 1

– track 1

Track 2

– track 2

Track 3

– track 3

– track 3 extended

– track 3 stinger

Track 4 BONUS

– track 4

Track 5

– track 5

– track 5 loop intro

– track 5 loop main

Track 6

– track 6

– track 6 stinger

Track 7

– track 7

Track 8

– track 8

Track 9

– track 9

– track 9 loop intro

– track 9 loop main