Jolly Theory

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A post processing effect that faithfully replicates the artifacts and distortions found in block encoding techniques such as JPEG images and H264 videos, inspired by Ompuco's amazing work, doing so in realtime.

Forum Thread • ✅ Built-In (2021.4+) • ✅ URP (12.1.0+)

• Apply the effect over the whole screen / Only over specific objects / Even over UI!
• Performant: The effect takes about the same performance hit as FXAA anti-aliasing or SSAO on low.
• Simple to use: Just add to your camera or render-pipeline and adjust parameters.
• New feature! Motion Vectors based Datamoshing: Replicate the effect of lossy block encoding artefacts in motion called datamoshing.
• The effect has these options to modify:
  - Control the size of the encoding blocks (4x4/8x8/16x16).
  - Bring out the lossy nature of the encoding with RGB Crunching.
  - Oversharpen the image if you're going for a more deep-fried look.
  - Gracefully lerp the effect in and out with a special Intensity paremeter that lerps all others.

New feature: Selected objects-only mode!
  - The effect can be restricted to apply to only specific objects instead of the whole scene.