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First Wave Game Studios

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Hover bike 3D model vehicle, perfect for sci-fi, cyberpunk, steampunk or any futuristic game. Made for the built-in render.

Scenes: Hover Bike Demo Scene, scene to show the prefabs

Prefabs: 5 prefabs with some variations

Models: 1 unique fbx model divided in individual meshes for each element, 27044 triangles, no collision, no LODs

Polycount: 27044 triangles

Textures: 35 textures at 4096x4096, includes color map, metallic, roughness, normal map and several masks to be used for tinting in the custom shaders

Materials: 14 PBR materials, 1 for the procedural sky, 1 grey mat, 2 standard legacy render material, 1 transparent material for the windshield, 10 materials with a custom shader for tinting with masks

Custom shaders:

- Hover Bike Masks: a PBR shader made with Amplify Shaders. It has the ability to tint the colors of the model based on the mask map. It includes a global tint and individual tints for each channel of the mask (Red, Green, Blue). Metallic, Roughness and Ambient Occlusion are packed into with single texture and it also includes the option to use an emissive map for the engine's glow.

- Hover Bike Transparent: same as Hover Bike Masks but with a translucent transparent option so the windshield can have some transparent refraction.

Camera animation for the demo included in the scene folder