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Piloto Studio

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Transform your Unity projects with the Building Levels Asset Pack – a dynamic collection offering five stylized levels of architectural environments that cater to simulation and city games.

Craft immersive virtual worlds with ease, whether you're developing a bustling city simulation, a charming town builder, or a sprawling metropolis management game. Seamlessly integrate these stylized levels into your projects and customize them to suit your narrative and gameplay mechanics.

Optimized for mobile, these building levels ensure smooth performance across different platforms, allowing players to immerse themselves in captivating urban landscapes on any device. With their stylized aesthetics and versatile design, these packs offer the perfect backdrop for a wide range of game genres and art styles.

👹 Key Features 👹

  • Prefabs are ready to be used out of the box, simply drag and drop them into your scene!
  • 1 Shader and 1 Texture for all 3D props. Meaning a single instruction call for all mobile users out there!
  • Includes one asset overview scene.
  • Compatible with ALL rendering pipelines
  • Cute and cuddly art style!

IMPORTANT: To change your rendering pipeline, make sure to download the dependency package and also read the readme file!