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Red Deer

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This asset has realistic HORSE model.
The model has 4 levels of LOD
- 12200 tris;
- 8900 tris;
- 3860 tris;
- 2500 tris;
There is a version for mobile phones with 2500 triangles.
Texture maps - albedo, metallic / roughness, normal map (all 4k). The model has two colors.

48 animations (IP/RM):
Аttack 1-3, hit front, hit back, hit middle, death 1-2, idle 1-4, eat, drink, lie, sleep, fall down, fall high, fall low, fall landing, walk (f-b-l-r), trot (f-l-r), run (f-l-r), swim (f-b-l-r), jump place, jump run, jump forward, etc.

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