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Documentation Available Here

Try the demo here

GrassFlow is as simple as adding a renderer and setting your mesh/terrain, the rest is handled for you~

No need for any additional plugins/scripts.

100% More vibes than the competition


~Grass placement and GPU instancing/batching handled automatically so you don't have to worry about individual game objects or other inefficient bottlenecks.

~Simple but strong editing tools to let you create grass the way you want and paint color and grass parameters for perfect artistic control right from the editor just like the Unity terrain tools. Even supports undo/redo!

~Easily add player interactivity with simple components for pushing or flatenning grass, plus other effects in realtime.

~Supports using custom 3D meshes to draw grass.

~Nice and cheap lighting effects using normal maps and specular highlights.

~Supports grass texture atlas and you can paint density of individual textures to lay out your grass as you please.

~Can be attached precisely to meshes or Unity terrain with terrain layer/splat map support.

~Automatically normalize mesh density to avoid remeshing.

~URP support.

~Deferred support.

~Cast and receive shadows, supporting semi transparent textures.

~Baked 3D noise allows for efficient dynamic and evolving wind effects.

~Dynamic LOD system that decreases grass in the distance while scaling it to fill in the gaps and smoothly fading in-between LOD steps.

~Use of asynchronous multithreading in key areas to speed up loading and rendering.

~Supports multiple Unity lights.

~VR supported including single-pass instanced.

~Versatile, can be used as a more traditional billboard renderer with enhanced features or used in any way you see fit.

~Custom inspectors make it easy to edit all the settings you need and has descriptive tooltips for every option.

~Example scenes are provided that show how to set up and interface with GrassFlow. Even comes with the models seen in the demo video, bonus!

~Source code available if you fancy.