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Graphics Control provides to you an easy to use graphic settings management solution, helping you to boost your development. It comes with a library of commonly used settings like resolution, vsync, fullscreen mode, bloom, grain, ambient occlusion and more. Our customizable settings panel UI prefab provides you with a ready to use UI panel with full gamepad and keyboard input support. Graphics Control also comes with a default save system, which handles saving and loading of the user's graphic settings.

But best of all: Graphics Control has been designed as a modular and extendable solution!

You can easily write your own custom settings, define how settings should be applied with Graphic Settings Appliers and write custom storage components to make Graphics Control perfectly integrate with your existing solutions!


  • Easy to use Graphic Settings Management Solution

Graphics Control makes it supereasy to control your games graphic settings by providing to you a powerful and modular system with a library of common graphic settings and predefined UI elements.

  • Speedup your development

Graphics Control works out of the box. You do not need to initialize it at game startup by yourself or write a single line of code to get it running

  • Automated Save System

Graphics Control automatically saves and restores your settings when the game is started

  • Modular and Extendable Solution

You can easily write your own graphic settings, application rules and storage components to make Graphics Control perfectly integrate into your framework

  • Online Documentation and Support

Our Online Documentation covers all you need to get started including a basic introduction to all features and scripting examples.