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Virtual Road

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This package contains a procedural mesh generator to build fully functional roads and walkways, including bridges, tunnels, roundabouts, traffic lights, etc. It is suitable for simulation games where you want to quickly produce multiple levels based closely on real places. The package allows you to specify a location box anywhere on earth, then builds a detailed 3D model of all roads and walkways within that location box.

This package also contains a traffic and pedestrian simulator. Traffic includes cars, buses and trucks that move using industry-tested, peer-reviewed car-following and lane-changing models. The package includes a code library that you can use to control the simulation, down to the level of individual vehicles and pedestrians. See API at https://vroad.uk/api

In addition, as an option, to decorate the terrain, you can download terrain and aerial image data from Mapbox.com, if you register and create an account with them. This does not require any payment to Mapbox unless you exceed the generous free tier. If you do not register a Mapbox account, the only difference you will see is that the underlying terrain will be flat, and will be rendered with a plain texture of your choice.

The scene generator runs on Windows/Mac/Linux, while the simulation runs on Windows/Mac/Linux and Mobile platforms.