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What is this asset?

Usually, in shooter games, aiming is handled by making an animation for each gun. This approach requires a lot of animation clips, and it also doesn't support multiple scopes. That's exactly where the SightsAligner comes in.

SightsAligner is a must-have tool for any FPS. With the help of this package, you won't need to manually create aiming animations for your shooter game - the package supports multiple scopes, procedural reloading animation when aiming, and smart blending between layers.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes! The workflow is very simple, you can find it in the Documentation - in a nutshell, you need to add a special anim component to your character, add aim data to your weapon and you are done.

The asset works with both generic and humanoid rigs. Can be used for "floating arms" and full-body characters.

Don't worry, tutorial videos cover how to set up and integrate the asset.

Procedural reloads?!

Exactly. You don't need reloading animations for the aiming state anymore ;). SightAligner allows you to reuse existing animation when ADS. Actually, you can re-use any animation, reloads are just only one example.

Already got the asset?

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