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🎮 Want to create a great FPS game?

Then you need a scalable, feature-rich, and modular animation system. That's where the FPS Animation Framework comes into play. Years of industry experience, and field-tested animation workflows (commonly found in AA/AAA production) - all united in a single package for your ease!

🌟 Ready to upgrade your game? Let's dive into the details:

✔️ Scriptable Animation System

A unique modular solution, giving your project ultimate scalability. Unlike other assets, our framework does not depend on weapons or items. Instead, it uses Animator Profile - a master Scriptable Object, which contains all animation features for your weapon, item, or gameplay situation.

✔️ Extensive Customization

Absolutely no limitations, add any weapon, item, or gameplay feature without worrying about redesigning the whole code later! Whether it's a bolt-action rifle or an unarmed state, the FPS Animation Framework will take care of it.

✔️ Immersive Experience

Add more realism to your FPS with a Full-Body animation system. This framework offers you a solid approach to using both First- and Third-Person animations at the same time, without worrying about unnatural motions.

✔️ Convenient Workflow

This framework keeps things simple and advanced at the same time. The system's flow is easy to follow, which makes the setup and integration straightforward, even if you are a beginner in Unity.

✔️ Input Property System

Create custom properties of 4 types: bool, int, float, or vector; and use them to control the animation features in realtime. Want to disable aiming when swimming? Sure, the new Input Controller will easily do this for you, without touching a single line of the source code!

✔️ Top-notch Animation Features

Explore 20+ unique animation features, designed to save you tons of precious development time:

  • Playables Animation: Play clips right from the code.
  • Curve Blending: Use curve parameters to smoothly blend your animations.
  • Smooth Blending: Pose caching and interpolation to eliminate the jittering.
  • FPS Camera: Camera shakes, animations, and smart stabilization.
  • Procedural Recoil Animation: The best solver for fluid and non-repetitive recoil.
  • Procedural ADS: Multiple sights and procedural reloading animations.
  • Realistic Sway: Spring-based algorithm to create natural motions.
  • Dynamic Offsets: Adjust character poses on the fly.
  • No need for Blend Trees: Procedural Spine rotation and leaning.
  • Weapon Blocking: Advanced weapon collision avoidance system.
  • Code-driven motions: Procedural Idle, Walking, Equip, and Unequip motions.
  • and much more!

✔️ Free Demo Project

Kickstart your project with examples from the demo. Generic/Humanoid controllers, guns, animations, scope shaders, and attachments - all are included!

✔️ Long-Term Support

Not just documentation and tutorials - our active Discord community is always here to help you with whatever challenges you face.

FPS Animation Framework - the difference between generic and great.

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