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FOOTSTEPS FOREVER: an essential sound effects pack designed with video game developers in mind. This extensive collection features over 1500+ footstep sounds, neatly organized into 15 distinct categories to cater to a variety of gaming environments and scenarios.

Broadly, the sound effects have covered following textures:

Concrete: Capture the essence of urban landscapes with gritty footsteps.

Sand: Bring desert scenes to life with granular step sounds.

Snow: Evoke the chill of winter with crisp footfalls on snow.

Wood: Perfect for creaky floorboards in mystery games.

Grass: Step through virtual meadows with realistic rustling.

Marble: Echo the halls of palaces and museums with clean, sharp taps.

Carpet: Muffle steps for stealth sequences or indoor settings.

Armoured Footsteps: Add depth with metallic clinks for your armored characters.

Wet & Muddy: Navigate through rain-soaked streets or marshy lands.

High-Heels: Click-clack with confidence in urban or indoor environments.

Boots: Heavy, thudding steps ideal for soldiers or adventurers.

Generic Shoes: Versatile steps for everyday scenarios.

Bare Foots: No footwear foley on solid surface.

Each sound is crafted to provide a realistic layer to your game’s soundscape, ensuring players remain fully engaged in your virtual world. Whether it’s the stealthy steps of a spy or the heavy march of an armored knight, FOOTSTEPS FOREVER delivers the quality and variety you need.