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FMOD Visualizer is a unique tool that enables the use of raw audio data from your FMOD project to create dynamic audio visuals for your product.
Allowing you to focus on actually making visuals rather than focusing on retrieving audio data from FMOD.

No other audio visualization tools on the Asset Store allow the use of FMOD as the audio engine for the visuals they generate. This is the only tool that does.

Create visuals within Unity using audio from your FMOD Audio project.
Easy to setup.
Detailed Documentation.
Works with all FMOD versions.

Data Manager.
Demo with example of use.
Example visualizations (DynamicLight, GraphicEQ, ScaleOnAmplitude, ScaleOnBand, WaveLineRenderer).
Join my discord, if you would like to know more. https://discord.gg/4kVY43V

FMOD is a trademark of Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd www.fmod.com