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A set of 2168 hand drawn Fairytale Icons Megapack. All icons are of a high quality and implemented in a professional level. A good choice for any game in the fantasy style.
Buying Megapack you save 30%.

- Updatable Megapack;
- Each icon is 256x256 pixels size (PNG);
- 2168 unique icons in total;
- All Icons have transparent background.

Megapack includes:
- Jewelry Icons;
- Pirates Icons Pack;
- Prehistoric Age Icons;
- Fishing Icons;
- Hunting Icons;
- Trading Icons;
- Witch Craft Icons;
- Forest Icons;
- Necromancer Icons;
- Mining Icons;
- Trophy Icons;
- Fruit and Vegetables Icons;
- Barbarian Icons;
- Bags And Boxes Icons;
- Fantasy Weapon Icons;
- Scrolls and Books Icons.