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EventManager was born from a simple need - to reduce the spaghetti code from direct (unnecessary) object dependencies. We've all been there, adding lines of code that handle logic that needs to react to the piece of code you're in, but have nothing to do with what you're doing, like calling the achievements system on the OnDestroy() method of Enemy, and then watching our codebase turn into a maintenance nightmare.

⚡EventManager revolutionizes this process. It's a streamlined system allowing you to:

  • Subscribe to events with a single line of code.
  • Trigger events that alert every subscribed system.
  • Unsubscribe with equal simplicity.

And it's not just about less code - it's about smarter, more maintainable code. The time you invest in setting up EventManager pays off exponentially by making every future modification a breeze.

By using events, you can simply call the "OnEnemyDead" event on the OnDestroy() method in our previous example, and then subscribe to that event in the Achievement script, and anywhere else that is interested in the "OnEnemyDead".

Key Features:

  • Plug & Play simplicity - get it up and running in your game in under 10 minutes. There's no extra setup after you install the package, you only need to start creating your events. This means it works for newly created projects and projects that are in the middle of production.
  • Open Source flexibility - modify and extend the code to fit your unique requirements. Every script in the package is open source and fully documented, the methods and even the logic inside the methods in case you want to extend the classes or even modify them to your liking.
  • Customizable event data - your events are classes you create, offering full control. This means that EventManager handles every type to be sent over events, custom scripts, unity classes (MonoBehaviour, GameObject, Vector3, Transform), c# classes, structs, enums, etc.

👥Community-Approved: Since its original launch in 2018, ⚡EventManager has maintained a 5-star rating on the Asset Store, with developers praising its time-saving capabilities and how it has changed their development patterns.

🛠️ Support: Encountering issues or have queries? Reach out to us at kennethdevelops+support@gmail.com. Your feedback is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement, so don’t hold back!

Join the community of developers enhancing their game logic communication with EventManager!