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WOW Sound

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These footstep sounds were recorded on six essential material surfaces: concrete, dirt, grass, metal (hollow, solid A & B), water puddles (including ankle-deep), and wood (hollow and solid) in three different footwear types: barefoot, boot, and leather boot, with up to 20 variations each.

The footstep sound FX collection is meticulously organized by material and footwear type, making it incredibly easy to find and implement the ideal footstep sounds into your video games and films. Bonus files of armour and gear foley sound files like leather, chainmail metal, metal, and cloth, categorized into jogging, jumping, walking, and running, further enhance the realism of your character's movement.

The footstep sound effects in this pack are of the highest professional quality, capturing the dynamics and stride needed to enhance immersion and offer critical player feedback. These features are essential for creating a compelling and interactive gaming experience, making this pack a must-have for any serious video game developer, filmmaker, or multimedia creator.

▼ What’s inside the pack?

  • 284 Concrete Footstep Sounds
  • 289 Dirt Footstep Sounds
  • 296 Grass Footstep Sounds
  • 755 Metal Footstep Sounds (Hollow, Solid A and Solid B)
  • 396 Water Puddle Footstep Sounds
  • 547 Wood Footstep Sounds (Hollow and Solid)
  • 581 Foley Sounds (Chainmail, Cloth, Leather, Metal and Gear)
  • 115 Blood Footstep Sounds


This footstep sound effects pack is edited from Rock The Speakerbox's Sound Effects Library—a collaboration with Rock The Speakerbox and WOW Sound.

[ Support Email: support@wowsound.com ]

And if you have any music genres you would like to hear but are currently not available in our store, do drop us an email! We will be most excited to try to create your desired sound effects and music for you!

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