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Electric wire standalone

- Save/load placed object ingame.

- 4 Type of machines to generate energy, generator, solar panel, wind turbine, human wheel.

- Battery to store energy energy.

- 7 logic gate (and,nand,nor,not,or,xnor,xor).

- Splitter 1 to 3, needed to connect more component to a single one.

- Timer 0 to 60secs, you can set timer.

- Counter show -99 to 99, use 3 wire, up, down, reset.

- 2 type of resistance to reduce power.

- Presence sensor detect player in front.

- Door, lamp and others components can be activated manually or with a control (switch, timer).

- Defence turret and tesla coil will attack target in range when powered and turn on.

- Setup wire max connection range, max length and max segments.

- Simple character controller walk/run/crouch/jump/fly.

- Aim mode and cursor mode for placement and interaction.

- Undo / redo with adjustable size.