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Version 2.0 brings substantial changes to the underlying framework of how styles are assigned. Styles are now assigned in custom UGUI components that are identical to built-in versions but include a style chooser.

Works in Unity Free/Plus/Pro

Easy UI Styles allows quicker development and iteration of UGUI elements. No coding is required.

Quickly define styles for all types of UI elements in the style manager. Assign styles with the style chooser component. It's really that easy.

Easy UI Styles is a simple editor extension that gives you control without bloat or feature creep. No scripts run at runtime so there is no performance hit for using Easy UI Styles.

Styles are saved by UI component. The Easy UI Styles Manager allows easy creation, duplication and editing of UI styles.

A simple Style Chooser script on each UI element allows the developer to quickly try out new styles with just a click to two of the mouse.

Full and up to date documentation can be found here as a Google Document.

A demo scene is also included to show the implementation of Easy UI Styles.