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Want to create an advanced in-game operating system for your game or app? Well, we got you covered. With DreamOS, you'll be able to create good looking OS interfaces easily.

• Clean Design

Featuring a minimalistic and clean looking design with smooth pre-made animations that can be edited within Unity.

• UI Manager

Instead of changing things one by one, you change the whole look of your UI within seconds using UI Manager.

• Fully Customizable

You can add or change almost everything within Unity, no need to deal with code or external tools.

• Demo Scenes

Includes two ready to use demo scenes; Desktop and World Space.

• Functional Apps

There are 13 different apps for all your needs, from messaging to music player. More on the way!

• Functional System Features

Includes fully featured system features, such as; user creation, time and date, networking (simulated), modular widgets, notifications; and more!

• UI Elements

Includes a set of unique elements for all of your UI needs.

• Native UI Support

DreamOS is using the native Unity UI, so you can continue working the way you are used to and use third party UI extensions with it.

...and many more!

• Available Integrations

Steam Messaging

Curious about the upcoming features? Check out our roadmap by clicking here.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact me.

Website | Discord Server | Documentation | Windows Demo

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