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Try lasting as long as you can in the snowy forest teeming with everything that want you for breakfast - This dinosaur survival shooter virtual reality experience is the perfect building block to start your vr title on. Try not to run out of ammo as you wander through the forest - The two handed weapon allows you to grab the gun at both the grip and foregrip allowing you to shoot more accurately down the ironsights. The Bullets from the gun have customisable public speed parameters that you can tweak for your specific needs.

Build using the xr tookit version 2.0 for use on the Oculus Quest/Rift titles - This asset will take your game to the next level - Skip hours of development time and get straight to work on the fun stuff

This assets is based off another in released oculus rift/quest title. This game only requires the finishing touch to make it into a releaseable minigame