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For full operation of URP, use a special patch

It is necessary!

This is the first part of my asset “Default City Project (industrial)”

Consisting of 26 unique buildings

147 city props, which includes:

  • Skylight: 6 objects
  • Watertower: 6 objects
  • Aircon: 4 objects
  • Vent: 5 objects
  • Ventsystem: 6 objects
  • Vent system module: 33 objects
  • Wall vent: 6 objects
  • Billboard: 9 objects
  • Bins: 14 objects
  • Electricalbox: 4 objects
  • Fire escape: 8 objects
  • Lamppost and traffic light: 27 objects
  • Payphone: 4 objects
  • Postbox: 4 objects
  • Rubbish (cartonbox) 11 objects
  • 27 Road Modules
  • 39 Decals

For more details, you can read "readme.pdf"

Caution! The billboard posters you see in the screenshots are not included in this package.

Questions, suggestions for the project, write to me by email.

Any bugs you find will be fixed in the next update.

Thank you!

P.S.: I'll be very happy if you leave a review!