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Yarrawah Interactive

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Every effort has been made to match the triangle density and texel density of megascans assets. These photoscans will look natural alongside Quixel assets.

This asset pack includes 8 photoscanned animal dung variants. These are made up of 4 cow-patty piles, and 4 horse dung. These are entire whole meshes that can be placed in any position allowing you to make piles or use them in particle systems. They are optimized for in-game use, but they can also be tessellated for cinematic hero-quality meshes.

All scans are done at 8k, and downscaled to 4k for maximum quality. Where suitable, textures are channel packed with AO and roughness for each model.

Five bonus photoscanned textures are also included:

  1. Arid Rocky Dirt 01
  2. Packed Gravel 01
  3. Packed Soil 01
  4. Soil Tyre Marks 01
  5. Soil Wavy 01

These textures are taken from the same environment the bones were found in and include channel packed AO, roughness, and displacement at 4k.