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Designing a great user interface can be a demanding task. Especially if you want to change the color of your UI, it can take a lot of time to adjust all elements. Color Control helps you out! Define your project colors as assets visually in the inspector. Color Control provides components to you, which automatically update your UI elements when you edit them.

Color Control System - Color Control makes it supereasy to control your games look by allowing you to create color assets and providing to you custom components which apply them to your UI

Easy to Use - Color Control comes with an intuitive and easy to use custom editor window, giving you full control over your project colors

Speedup your development - With Color Control there is no need to update text and image component colors by hand anymore - making UI development much faster and painless

Extendable - Color Control allows you to create your own custom componens in an easy way in order to apply colors to components which are not supported out of the box

Easy to get started - Color Control comes with an example scene and we provide an easy to follow tutorial on our website to get you started right away

Full source code access - Regardless wether you want to get a deeper insight how the tool works or want to adjust things to your personal needs, Color Controls complete source code is available for you within the package

Website - Get Started Guide - FAQ