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Goat and Sheep - rigged models a+ animations

Goat x2, Sheep x2:

  1. idle
  2. idle variation
  3. walk forward
  4. walk forward root motion
  5. walk backward
  6. walk backward root motion
  7. trot forward
  8. trot forward root motion
  9. run forward
  10. run forward root motion
  11. eating
  12. attack
  13. turn left 90 root motion
  14. turn right 90 root motion
  15. shuffle left
  16. shuffle right
  17. stand to sit
  18. sit to stand
  19. hit reaction
  20. death
  21. eyes blink (additive)

Test scene key binds ( D, A, W, S , 1 , 2 , 3, 4)

*Goat and Sheep share the same fbx, skeleton and animations*

*Script and animation controller were created just for presentation purpose*