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Dragon Box Studio

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This entry is from Friday May 26, 2023. The price of the asset may have changed since then.
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AMFPC is a customizable modular mobile 3D first-person character controller system that can help bring your iOS/Android game to life with very little steps to setup.

Demo APK | Contact Us | Youtube

Feel free to contact me, happy to answer all your questions 😊


AMFPC is built to be easily costumizable & modular with a flexible input system.


Default movement / Sliding / Slope Sliding / Climbing / Strafing / Movement headbob / Preserve in-air momentum.

Jumping: Default jumping / Double jumping.

Crouching: Hold mode / Toggle mode / Smooth crouching.

Player health:

Fall damage / Health bar / Player Respawn.

Input & controls:

Joystick / Camera touch control / buttons / Mouse and keyboard input / Mouse swipe camera control.

First person item system:

Firearms & melee weapon / Weapon sway / Sniper scope / Aim assist / Auto fire.

Aim down sight: Hold mode / Toggle mode.

Inventory system:

Inventory display, Create and store items.


Interacting with objects / Door / Drawer / Pickup Items / Easilty create interactable objects.


Smooth camera control.

Sound effects:

Player: Walk / Run / Jump / Land / Slide / Player Damage / Player Death.

Weapons: Fire / ADS / Hold Aim / Reload.