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Akıllı Mum

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Samples created with URP but 3d models can be used on any pipeline (Standard, URP or HDRP) or platform (mobile, WebGL PC, console, ...) with any shader you like!

WebGL Demo's are: HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

APK's are here: HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

- 50 unique cars

- No texture (Colors can be customized in any way)

- Average of 7K poly for each car

- Separated and pivoted wheels, calipers

- Emissive lights (Front, fog, back, stop - if applicable)

- Simple toon shader (Only for URP - Forward)

- Exhaust and NOS effects (Only for URP - Forward)

- No interior

IMPORTANT: Other scripts, models or scenes are not included (like touch events, circuit scene etc.)