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Enchanted Elements

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Enhance your game projects with the "370 Low-Poly 2D Characters - Transparent Background Asset Pack". This diverse collection is crafted to help developers add unique visual styles to a variety of games. Each character is designed to integrate smoothly and enhance your game's aesthetic appeal. Characters include animal - warriors and animal - professions.

Key Features

  • Extensive Collection: Dive into a vast array of 370 uniquely designed low-poly characters to populate your virtual worlds.
  • High-Resolution Graphics: Each character is crafted in a clear, high-resolution format of 500x500 pixels, ensuring that your visuals remain sharp and engaging.
  • Ready to Use: Characters come with transparent backgrounds in PNG format, making them immediately usable in different scenes without additional editing.

The sprites are not animated.

Technical Specifications:

  • Format: PNG
  • Resolution: 500x500 pixels
  • Background: Transparent
  • Quantity: 370 Icons
  • Version: First


Our assets are compatible with most major game development platforms and graphic design software, ensuring easy integration into your existing projects.

Ease of Integration

Designed with developers in mind, these characters can be easily added to your project. Transparent backgrounds allow for drag-and-drop functionality into any scene, which means less time tweaking and more time creating.

Support and Updates

This first version of our asset pack is just the beginning. We plan to release updates and expansions based on user feedback and evolving market needs. We welcome your reviews and suggestions to help us enhance the asset pack.

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