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*Disclaimer* Create a new project in 2D URP or import assets to a 2D URP project!

2D Platformer Crypt is a meticulously curated package that caters to developers and designers working on 2D platformer games. It offers a rich set of unique, high-quality art assets that can greatly enhance the aesthetics and immersive experience of your games.

The package includes an array of game assets, such as diverse environments, and distinctive props, all tailored to fit the platformer genre seamlessly. The art style encapsulates a perfect blend of classic and modern aesthetics that are universally appealing.

One of the key features of this package is the customization aspect. All assets are provided in a format that allows easy editing, enabling you to tweak the design elements to match your game's theme and narrative perfectly.

In summary, 2D Platformer Crypt is not just a collection of assets; it's a toolkit that can expedite your game development process, enrich your design repertoire, and provide a foundation for you to build an engaging, visually appealing 2D platformer game.